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Tertta Paananen

E-mail: paananen@het-imo.net

Tertta Paananen is building on a 35 years career in educational leadership and leading learning and learning design. Tertta Paananen works as developer to learning organizations and networks on learning questions and innovations.
From educational institutes and learning regions, to e-learning solutions and horizontal leadership. Themes include: leadership development, leading learning design, conflict and negotiations, changing learning environments, joy in learning actions.

As a consultant of IMO Finland she co-develops the Methodology of the Evidential and the Horizontal Leadership concepts.

Her skills are observing people and their situation and finding the question that is at the table. Looking at processes, dialogue and biography she researches with his clients how to get to the next step.
Her focus is to design a leading-learning process in different learning environments and systems respecting clients questions. She works in different learning areas.