IMO is an institute with the mission to professionally support  the development processes in organizations. “Inspired change” being one of our ideals, which we want to achieve together with our clients.

IMO initiated a growing, international network of inspired entrepreneurs, leaders, consultants and ohter stakeholders who meet each other on an annual conference about man- and organizationdevelopment.

In various countries Centers for Horizontal Leadership are established, together with IMO related organizations. Main objective is to research and develop leadership and building up community. Connected to each Center there is a group of IMO consultants at work.

IMO is represented by its consultants. Contact them directly for questions and further information.

There is a nice brochure about IMO available.

IMO Netwerkdagen

Zoals ieder jaar verzorgt het IMO voor de mensen uit haar netwerk een tweedaagse bijeenkomst. Dit jaar op 29 en 30 oktober in Hotel Kaap Doorn. Meer informatie en een uitnodiging is te lezen in de bijlage.

IMO Network Conference

IMO Network Conference 29 and 30 October 2014 at hotel Kaap Doorn, in the Netherlands. Find the invitation and more information in this document.

IMO Netzwerk Konferenz

IMO Netzwerk Konferenz 29 und 30 Oktober 2014, hotel Kaap Doorn. Weitere Information finden Sie in dieser Einladung.

Horizontal Leadership in the Ural region

Blog by Hans Ruijs, September 2014

In the last september week, on the border of Asia and Europe in Jekatherinburg a group of trainers, consultants and managers came into contact with the IMO principles of horizontal leadership.The three days event was organized by Dina Ushakova, Director of “Aprait” and is part of there development program called “Consulting inside”. Read more…


Blog by Adriaan Bekman, March 2014

When I arrive in Barnaul at 5 o’clock in the morning it is minus 15 degrees Celsius. We fluently drive with the car to Bisk in 2 hours. After a few hours break we meet 60 leaders of the supermarket chain Anix and work together on the theme of ‘trust’. How is trust coming into existence, is the question. Read more…