IMO is an institute with the mission to professionally support  the development processes in organizations. “Inspired change” is one of our ideals, which we want to achieve together with our clients.

IMO has initiated a growing, international network of inspired entrepreneurs, leaders, consultants and other interested parties who meet each other at an annual conference about human and organization development.

In various countries Centers for Horizontal Leadership have been established, together with IMO related organizations. Their main objective is to research and develop leadership and building up community. Each Center has a group of IMO consultants connected to it.

IMO is represented by its consultants. Contact them directly for questions and further information.

IMO is founded in 2004 by Adriaan Bekman. The characters I. M. O. refer to the Dutch words Instituut voor Mens en Organisatieontwikkeling (meaning: Institute for Human and Organization development).

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IMO Network Days 2015

IMO Network Days will be on Oktober 29 and 30 2015. Save the date!

Schloß Freudenberg

Schloß Freudenberg

Like last year this time (January 2015) we created a ‘soul – space’ in Schloß Freudenberg, Wiesbaden Germany. Matthias Schenk, Adriaan and Michaela Bekman explored with visitors their life questions. Read more…


| Dec 9, 2014 | Blog |

After three weeks Ayurveda cure together with Jutta and her family in Sri Lanka, fully embedded in the Buddhist culture of this beautiful land, I returned full of energy to Europe. Read more …


Get a photo impression of the IMO Network Days 2014

The Network Days in 2015 are October 29 and 30: save the date!


Leadership Vision

| Nov 7, 2014 | Blog |

During the two weeks of my stay in Brazil in October, I worked with my colleagues on the methodology of leadership in organizations connected to the themes of sense making and community building.  Read more …


Horizontal Leadership in the Ural region

| Oct 6, 2014 | Blog |

In the last september week, on the border of Asia and Europe in Jekatherinburg a group of trainers, consultants and managers came into contact with the IMO principles of horizontal leadership.  Read more…