IMO is an institute with the mission to professionally support  the development processes in organizations. “Inspired change” is one of our ideals, which we want to achieve together with our clients.

IMO is founded in 2004 by Adriaan Bekman. The characters I M O refer to the Dutch words Instituut voor Mens en Organisatieontwikkeling (meaning: Institute for Human and Organization development). A brochure about IMO is available.




Malaysia Conference

End of May I had the opportunity to take part in the 2015 Kolisko Conference Malaysia ( with the theme to Achieve Individual Health and Community Well-being. During this three days conference, 940 participants took part, many of them from... read more

Save our Soils

Inspiring speakers on stage: Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq (Shaman and Elder, Greenland), Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp (Earth Charter Commissioner), Rev. Thabo C. Makgoba (Archbishop RSA Anglican Church), Ibrahim Abouleish (Founder Sekhem), Volkert Engelsman (CEO Eosta / Nature... read more

IMO in the UN in Geneva

Some time ago I did an exercise in which I had to design three scenarios for my future. One scenario is about how it would look like in three years when things go on like they do today. The second scenario is about my dream has come true and I realise my next... read more

Online Learning

What vision do we have in common? That was the question when we were sitting at the table and talked about the need for change. What is the added value of online learning for the development of the education of this school for pupils with learning disabilities? Sacha,... read more

Blog Brazil

Three weeks working together with the IMO colleagues in Brazil. Jos waited for me at the airport when I arrived and also he brought me back to the plain when I left. As old companions we shared our passions on work and life. What did we do? We had an inspiring day,... read more

Meeting Organizations

You are invited to visit with us different Organizations in Germany and the Netherlands and to dialog with their leaders about what made these Organizations what they are today: benchmarking references in their branches.  Read more …

Client Network Days 2015

The IMO Client Network Days are scheduled for October 29 and 30, 2015. Save the date and read more …!