The IMO Institute colleagues promote and develop Horizontal Leadership together with client organizations in various countries. We organize different kind of activities in our Centers for Horizontal Leadership to realize this. The IMO Academy Online gives you the opportunity to study and explore Horizontal Leadership. You are welcome to participate in the IMO Network.




A healthy bank

More than seven years Klaas IJkema and Adriaan Bekman have been consulting Sparkasse Mittelmosel (a community bank in Germany) in an on-going organization development process. The first years there were seven strategic processes defined and executed that should bring...

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What is going on in the world? (2)

Dear Klaas In our first dialogue on issues in society that we would like to understand a bit better your touch on a crucial question that is not easy to be answered. I can share my view on it that is of course still developing. When I look at the phenomena I see first...

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What is going on in the world? (1)

Portrait of Bernard Lievegoed Dear Adriaan, Let’s have a good and serious dialogue! Most people nowadays feel they live in very turbulent times. All types of crisis occur everywhere in the world and we often don’t know what to say and what to do. Sometimes we even...

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Desvendar (“Unveil”)

From June 23-25 we had the launching of a new program of IMO-Brazil, the Desvendar (“Unveil”), with 10 company owners from different sectors. They all share the steering conviction that the company does not exist just for the purpose of making profit (although this is...

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Next steps in the IMO Israel process

Next steps in the IMO Israel process Hans Ruijs and Adriaan Bekman visited Israel for the fourth time for a week from Friday to Friday. Basically we have the same pattern during these weeks. On Saturday we make a trip with Ronen. On Sunday we prepare and visit...

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A week in Brazil

After the very inspiring week with almost all IMO colleagues in Holambra Brazil (a local magazine published a nice impression), I spent time with my Brazilian colleagues during the next week. The Monday we spent in Hibero Preto at the University of Sao Paulo economic...

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Client Network Days 2016

Save the date: October 27 and 28
How can we develop our inner abilities for good leadership?
Invitation and Program

IMO Youth Day

IMO Switzerland is going to start a new initiative. On the 20th of August this year a meeting of young people will be organized to talk about questions like: “What is important for me, what means a lot to me?” “How can I find my way to the future?”

At the same day the IMO Youth Center will be founded. Here is the invitation-flyer (in German)

Founder Gert Nijland and his team talk about horizontal leadership in the social-psychiatry organization Knowledge & Nursing. It supports them to be free professionals, taking care for their patients.

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