The IMO Institute colleagues promote and develop Horizontal Leadership together with client organizations in various countries. We organize different kind of activities in our Centers for Horizontal Leadership to realize this. The IMO Academy Online gives you the opportunity to study and explore Horizontal Leadership. You are welcome to participate in the IMO Network.




What is going on in the world? (6)

Dear Adriaan, In your blog Connect and Disconnect you pointed at a topic which we can observe everywhere and on different levels in the world around us. You addressed the problem of disconnection that all readers can recognize. As a response to your writing I like to...

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A Healthy Social Life

This summer (2016) I was again invited to the International Postgraduate Medical Training, IPMT, in Kuala Lumpur and in Beijing. In my course about A Healthy Social Life mainly business people attended, but also teachers from Waldorf Schools and individuals. The...

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What is going on in the world? (5)

Connect and Disconnect Every day we find examples of political disengagement in our news media. The political elite seems to be disconnected from "the people". Trump in the USA, Samson and Asscher in the Netherlands, Brexit in the UK, they are striking examples of...

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Last week (21-25 of Nov.) I worked in Italy. First I was three days active in Ecor Naturasi. With the Board of 8 people we dialogued on 10 strategic points like The Future Shop, Cost Saving, People Development. For each strategic point one Board Member took...

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Kindred Spirits in Doorn

Personal report by Aart Helder on the IMO International Network Conference Since a few years, the IMO days have become a yearly encounter to research inspiring leadership as a process in the organized community. It’s a platform to share on-going research and...

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The IMO Way

The first week of October was very special for IMO-Brasil and its clients: we count on the contribution of our IMO colleague, Christian Lucke from Germany, for three programs that take place throughout this year: The PGLi, program in Management and Horizontal...

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Initiative: Saving Our Soul

Adriaan Bekman and I started a new initiative today: an online community of people who share a concern for the soul. The human soul, the soul of the society and the soul of our organizations is at stake. Because it's well-being totally depends on our efforts to take...

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Client Network Days 2016

Photo impression

Founder Gert Nijland and his team talk about horizontal leadership in the social-psychiatry organization Knowledge & Nursing. It supports them to be free professionals, taking care for their patients.

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