The IMO Institute colleagues promote and develop Horizontal Leadership together with client organizations in various countries. We organize different kind of activities in our Centers for Horizontal Leadership to realize this. The IMO Academy Online gives you the opportunity to study and explore Horizontal Leadership. You are welcome to participate in the IMO Network.




Next steps in the IMO Israel process

Next steps in the IMO Israel process Hans Ruijs and Adriaan Bekman visited Israel for the fourth time for a week from Friday to Friday. Basically we have the same pattern during these weeks. On Saturday we make a trip with Ronen. On Sunday we prepare and visit...

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A week in Brazil

After the very inspiring week with almost all IMO colleagues in Holambra Brazil (a local magazine published a nice impression), I spent time with my Brazilian colleagues during the next week. The Monday we spent in Hibero Preto at the University of Sao Paulo economic...

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Sport for a peace culture

In our international IMO meeting, the first week of April this year, my Swiss colleagues Hans Ruijs and Patrizia Luise proposed an exercise about decision-making. In this exercise, we collected a sum of money to make the decision to direct it for a real project. Play...

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IMO days, Holambra Brazil 2016

IMO days in Holambra Brazil Out of 8 countries 35 IMO colleagues travelled to Holambra in Brazil to work together on the IMO methodology, the IMO Impulse, the IMO community. Seven colleagues could not come because of sickness or specific personal reasons. Once a year...

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Master classes in Switzerland

Monday/Tuesday 21/22 of March 2016 we started the new master class with eight participants. Four men, four women, four of them are managers and four consultants between the age of 26 and 66. We started with some of the core exercises of our IMO methodology. The...

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Next IMO Italy steps in Rome

An intense week in Rome enabled us to make next steps in IMO Italy. Antonio, our new IMO colleague, had organized together with Erica a one-day conference on corruption – anti corruption. This is the theme Antonio decided to concentrate on in his professional IMO...

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Founder Gert Nijland and his team talk about horizontal leadership in the social-psychiatry organization Knowledge & Nursing. It supports them to be free professionals, taking care for their patients.

IMO Client Network Days 2016

Save the date: October 27 and 28

Conference Center Kaap Doorn, Netherlands

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