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Consultancy and Change

In five three-hour web seminar sessions we will explore five consultancy concepts and images that are key to the methodology and practice of leadership and change.

  • Concept of the organization as an expression of the human soul
  • Concept of consultancy in change
  • Concept of the fundament for consultancy in change
  • Concept of consultancy levels
  • Concept of the professional circle

Download and read the brochure. If you want to join, send an e-mail to

Adriaan Bekman ( or Klaas IJkema (

IMO Basics

This fully online course is designed for people who want to get basic information about IMO. Discover its historical background, find an explanation of the organization characteristics, its mission and core activities. The course provides an introduction to the methodology of IMO research and development, the steering idea behind the academy, a reference to publications and support to make a next step if you want more.


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International Master

IMO provides Horizontal Leadership masterclasses for leaders, managers, trainers and consultants. It is designed with IMO methodology and will help participants to generate development at a personal level in the working situation by living strong change momentum in their own organization and their own biography.

We have a common format in different countries, it is a generative one and is focused on three parts working in alternate mode:

1-Two day workshop

To give a new input about the organization and people development and help participants exercise how to connect this input to their personal working situation focusing on a next step.

2-Exploration and experimentation in the working situation

To make the decided step in the working situation by observing the consequences.

3-Intervision groups

To reflect on the steps made by learning about personal developments and defining new steps.

Core Qualities of Leadership

This proven modular seminar of three times a two-days workshop is a powerful program for heads of departments, team leaders, managers. Using IMO methodology (link to Imo methodology), it is focused on the generation of horizontal leadership skills that creates development, sense for themselves, for their collaborators and for the company, renew visions and behaviors by increasing self and context awareness, with a client orientation

First workshop

What is horizontal leadership for integrated organizations: human being and organization in connections of sense making. Vertical and horizontal guidance. Core qualities of a manager.How to inspire and steer development processes.

Second workshop

How to start a personal leadership development process: support people development and be able to make intervention to save the quality of processes for the working community. How discover the question behind a problem and set up renewal processes actively and client-oriented.

Third workshop

How to deal with crisis, transition and how to get people on board: giving sense in time for the organization as social creation and for people as social leaders. How take a step in your personal development as a leader.

Adriaan Bekman: “Steering, coaching, intervening and inspiring are four kinds of dialogues. These four kinds of dialogues help the leader and the other person to deal with the issues and questions in a constructive way.”