Our Vision is to support the creation of organizations as “living realities” in which people involved can develop themselves out of personal, social and economic sense. This is why we consider organizations and people as two realities which keep evolving with synergies.

Our Mission is to strengthen the sense of organizations as human creations by appealing to individual creative forces to generate meaningful and sustainable development for people, organizations and society. To this goal, we use a connecting methodology.

  • It connects the vertical dimension of strategy building and achieving economic results with the horizontal dimension, which aims at responding to client needs and creating cooperative processes. This can generate integrated healthy organizations.
  • It connects the inner dimension of people to the outer reality they live and work in to create a path of consciousness for personal and organizational development. This generates new competencies in people to act as horizontal leaders.
  • It connects reflection, prospection and action in an explorative and experimental way. We work along a path of transformative learning, which generate new processes and competencies in the context of a deep and sustainable change process.

These three key connections are the pillars of our methodology which was generated on a long path of action research, inspired by the impulse of Bernard Lievegoed, the work of Adriaan Bekman and the professional experience and contributions of IMO consultants, researchers, professors and clients in the IMO community, which is a ‘laboratory’ of continuous research and innovation.
We consider the IMO methodology as an OPEN SOURCE: we take from it and we give back to it, we improve and develop it by responding to the needs of our clients and the spirit of our time.

You can find more details in ‘publications’ where there are articles and books of colleagues who share their founding and inspirations. Some are more about scientific aspects, others more about experiences: both are inspiring for us!

The IMO Approach in Videos

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The Mission of IMO is connected to the Bernard Lievegoed Impulse, a pioneer in the field of human and organization development.