Who we are

We are a team of consultants from various countries, with different backgrounds and experience. Everyone of us is entrepreneurially independent. What unites us is a focus on people in organizational life who want to take steps in development. Our clients are primarily decision makers in organizations and companies with a social sense of responsibility. We work with a mission.


Adriaan Bekman

Flag_the_Netherlands Adriaan Bekman

Flag_of_Germany Jaime Rojas-Elgueta

The Netherlands

Jutta Hodapp

Flag_the_Netherlands Jutta Hodapp

Flag_the_Netherlands Elodie van Sytzama

Flag_the_Netherlands Lisanne Eblé-Bekman

Flag_the_Netherlands Freek Landmeter

Klaas IJkema

Flag_the_Netherlands Klaas IJkema

Happy Megally

Flag_the_Netherlands Happy Megally


brazil-flag Hermanus Meijerink

brazil-flag Marcelo Balazina

brazil-flag Elizabeth Cerri

brazil-flag Lafayette Parreira Duarte

brazil-flag Josefina Morandin

brazil-flag Paulo Neves

brazil-flag Jos Schoenmaker


Flag_of_Germany Hilmar Dahlem

Flag_of_Germany Bernhard Kloke

Flag_of_Germany Christian Lucke

Flag_the_Netherlands Jutta Hodapp

Flag_of_Germany Christian Oerthel

Flag_of_Germany Timothy Apps

Flag_of_Germany Alexander Schwedeler

Flag_of_Germany Angelika Steinle


flag-finland Hannu Tuovinen

flag-finland Tertta Paananen

flag-finland Pinja Korkela

flag-finland Rajkumar Sabanadesan


flag-switzerland Hans Ruijs

flag-switzerland Eliya Devay

flag-switzerland Hans-Peter Ulli

flag-switzerland Patrizia Luise

flag-switzerland Gianni Biasiutti


flag-israel Daphna Gilat

flag-israel Einat Aroch

flag-israel Nitzan Pimentel

flag-israel Ronen Hahn

flag-israel Irit Kiselstein


flag-Italy Antonio Cappiello

flag-Italy Pippo Vetrano

flag-Italy Erica Rizziato

flag-Italy Stefano Rofena

flag-Italy Erika Nemmo

flag-switzerland Patrizia Luise

flag-Italy Roberto Caggia


vlag_rusland Joachim Heinz

vlag_rusland Sergei Arfanidi

vlag_rusland Tatiana Babanova

vlag_rusland Arina Bagaeva

vlag_rusland Segey Ivashkin

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