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 A meeting place to study and research horizontal leadership




Based on the principles of a powerful social research methodology the IMO Academy provides a platform for everyone who wants to explore horizontal leadership and horizontal organizing. Whether you are head of a department, team leader, teacher, entrepreneur, idealist, artist, politician, student, doctor, and so on ... this is the place to be if you actively want to work with your question.
The international IMO Academy offers a lot of possibilities for a worldwide public to study. It is free and open.  Everyone can start every moment on every place and in every situation.

An exciting process of blended learning is waiting for you, facilitated by the internet and IMO consultants. Become inspired and supported. Involve your network, your organization in your personal development. The IMO Academy is a part of the Institute for human and organizational development. Dr. Klaas IJkema and dr. Adriaan Bekman are responsible.
Some Academy services are for free like a lot of publications to download. Other products like the three main learning programs require a payment of € 850 each for the accompaniment of an  IMO consultant. More info

In the red textbox  on the top of this page you will find a self-research tool to become aware of your leadership qualities.

An online IMO Network is available to join. Everyone who feels connected to IMO can register and meet other participants.

Read the latest post on the open course IMO Finance. Alexander Schwedeler and Timothy Apps provide updates on a regular basis. See the latest post.

The IMO Academy uses the Moodle learning environment for the study programs.



Read publications

On this website you will find a lot of publications. Here you can study the different elements of horizontal organizing.

Watch videos

There are videos to watch on this website and the other IMO websites. On a regulary basis they will be updated. They give an impression of the IMO approach.

IMO Basics

IMO Academy offers a basic study program to meet the most essential dimensions of horizontal organizing. Using the book 'Inside the Change'  you will discover both the theoretical backgrounds and very practical exercises to work with.

In three steps you will be guided through a helpful modular structured study program.

Master Study Programs

The Academy offers three rich study programs with impact on you personal leadership development. After finalizing these programs, you will receive an IMO Master Certificate.  When you buy a program you will be participating in an extensive step-by-step learning process, together with an IMO consultant, resulting in a short publication on the IMO Academy website. 

Special Topics

There is a variety of topics related to horizontal organizing. For example: an open course Dealing with Money. This is an initiative of two IMO consultants, Alexander Schwedeler and Timothy Apps. Other study programs will appear in time on this website.
Learning projecs in non-English languages will also be updated from countries in which IMO consultants are active.



Join the Academy Community

Everyone who participates at the IMO Academy can become member of the online Academy community. Once you are registered you are able to meet people from all over the world who have an open mind and are interested in horizontal organizing.

Find or Start a Research Group

In some countries IMO organizes research groups. People with a common interest in researching te possibilities of horziontal organizing come together a few times a year. They support each other in their research process.

Initiate a Dialogue

People live with questions, because harmony, peace and succes is not evidential present in our organized world. It is very inspiring to start a dialogue in the IMO community to find next steps and to move the situation. The internet makes it possible to chat around the world.



Action Research

You can start an action-research project, together with an IMO consultant. This will open doors for you to new people, new possibilities, new organizations. You will develop your leadership qualities and find out how to use them in complex situations. It will relate the outer world with the soul-world in you.


IMO supports and stimulates people to share their experiences and knowledge regarding horizontal organizing with others. A stimulating project is to publish an article or a book. For this reason IMO Academy has founded the IMO Publishing House. E-books, articles, publications on paper are possible.


The IMO Academy Website is available for blogs to write and share with the world. Write your observation, your opinion and show your public the relationship with the IMO approach.
Every update or draft of your blog will first pass the editorial staff of the website before it will be published.  

Your Next Step

If you want to start an action-research project at the IMO Academy, go to the contact & registration page and fill in the form.

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