IMO Academy propose a space of action research with a transdisciplinary approach, for the continuous improvement of IMO methodology to better meet a sustainable development intended at 4 levels: people, clients, economic, territorial.

The action research activities are for colleagues, clients, people of IMO network who ask to participate.

IMO community is in connection with an international action research network and focus the activity on two critical points of action research for organization development:

  • the quality of the interactions
  • the possibility to transform organization structures.

IMO methodology already a propose very effective way of intervention on these two points but it is important to go on in exploring the best ways for the challenge of our time.

Processes of organization development can be seen firstly as processes for creating this sense and continuity. We do this through processes of changing and innovating organizational constructs, co-operating constellations of people, as well as our steering convictions. For that we need a specific methodology and process of research and experimentation.” Adriaan Bekman