IMO International Development Days and Client Network Conference 2022

29th August- 3rd September 2022, Bucharest, Romania

IMO International annual meetings with IMO Consultants (IMO Development Days) and IMO Client Network are a tradition that last from the beginning of IMO in 2005.

This year, the two meetings were held in Bucharest, Romania, hosted by the young IMO Romania Team, for the first time.

Once again, we had the experience of being a professional community, with common beliefs, driven by the impulse to support clients in their change and development processes. Through our work, new leadership competencies are developed, autonomous teams and integrated organizations are created.

During our Development Days, we created special spaces where we could truly meet each other, though movement exercises. We met our common impulse through art exercises, and we renewed our mission together. We inspired each other by sharing client cases from our work and we started new international collaboration projects and initiatives

IMO is a space where you are invited to be yourself, to own your development processes as a professional, and as a human being where you are stimulated to take initiative and realize your personal vision, where you can find people that share the same mission and where we create new initiatives that support challenges and transformation processes with your clients.

As developing horizontal leadership competencies and horizontal organizing are key elements for IMO methodology, there is always a renewal process that appears when we work together and when we meet with the concrete challenges that we face in our times.

Below we share with you several directions that we use in our work to address today’s leadership and business challenges:

  • systemic approach is requested from organizational development perspective. People, teams and processes’ development can no longer be separated from each other, and we are happy that in IMO we have the right tools to support these processes.
  • working with processes and not in activities (tasks) is the new way to connect people with organizations. Today disconnections and overlapping in people’s activities are the ones creating tensions, conflicts, lack of productivity but also distancing from the client’s needs. This is the starting point in any IMO development process.
  • diversity is the new vertical. Diversity theme is having an active role in developing integrated organizations. As new horizontal leadership skills need to be developed, autocratic leadership needs a sustainable set-up in place to be able to let go of old rigid structures that can no longer respond to an everchanging environment. Working with and learn how to integrate different perspectives and work out of common steering principles is a core element of IMO methodology.
  • autonomous theme is the key for near-future development. Each organization has its development phases. Depending on the level of flexibility and people’s ability to lead in times of transition, building self-steering teams is a first step that any leader or entrepreneur can achieve before starting a big organizational project.


Out of the inspirations we got from the IMO Development Days meetings, on 2nd and 3rd of September we invited our clients to join us in IMO Client Network Conference.

The theme of the Conference was: How to Lead in Times of Transition, organizations, teams and oneself.

In our times, we are no longer living an era of change, but a change of an era. Therefor we need to create new inner and outer competencies to support and guide us, our teams and our companies in these turbulent times.

The complexity of organizations, of the economic, political, competitive and climatic environment puts us in front of challenges and raises questions to which we need innovative answers and to which only a few people can no longer respond, but which require a common, collective effort, involvement and responsibility.

Responsibility and empowerment are skills/attitudes that are formed, grown, defined and redefined.

Traditionally, organizations have two levels

  • Production level
  • The level of organizing work in an intellectual, intelligent way – the management

Now we need a third level – intelligent leadership. How do we find intelligent and sustainable ways of organizing in which people do not become systems themselves but active communities?

Beyond what is happening, the various versions and realities of what is happening in business and humanity today, our concern is HOW. How do we learn, how do we find and identify internal and external resources to support us, how do we develop new competencies, together with the people who exist in organizations now, how do we start from the present moment and deal with what we need to transform in order to create new structures that support the evolution of organizations and the people who work in them.

Starting with the current context, personal and organizational, during 2 full days and 8 workshops, each participant had the chance to explore and connect to the main themes:

  • transformation at personal level from manager to leader, from subordinate to entrepreneurial employee
    • how to work with steering convictions to motivate people at work
    • how to use communication as support for transition period
    • how to start building the future image of the leader that you want to become
  • the transformation of teams from subordinated to autocratic management into responsible, autonomous, professionally mature teams
    • structure and horizontal process and competencies needed for building autonomous teams
    • the roles that need to support a change process in an organization
  • the development phases of organizations and what are the prerequisites for the integrated organizations of the future.
    • how to start a development process
    • how to integrate human and organization development
    • how to work with heart qualities and why they are important for today’s business needs

Our mission is to support the creation of organizations as living realities in which people involved can develop themselves out of personal, social and economic sense. We welcomed entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals who are actively seeking for a new way of working, of organizing processes where all people can be involved, engaged and connected.

We are grateful for what we have created together with our clients and our IMO colleagues, and we are looking forward to further develop the connections and processes started during these two days.

If you want to be part of our Development Network, a place where we regularly meet our clients and innovate together out of IMO Methodology and Concrete business challenges, join IMO Network here: