Verena von der Heide

E-mail: [email protected]

Helping organizations develop holistically is a matter close to my heart. I approach this by identifying ambiguities, making them transparent and treating them as a chance to develop. To achieve this, I think it is the key to change perspectives and think procedurally about someone’s work within the context of an institution as a whole.

Which are the steps that I am or feel responsible for? Where do I need more clarity with regard to my work or the relationship with my colleagues? How can the uniqueness of an individual be employees at its best? And how do I keep my internal and external clients sufficiently in mind?

I’d like to focus my work on any of such questions and help organizations to develop suitable solutions.

Professional biography

After a traineeship in banking, I studied educational sciences, psychology and economic policy and additionally obtained a teaching degree for secondary schools in social and educational sciences at the University of Münster.

After the completion of my university studies, I started a traineeship in the Human Resources department of a daughter company of a German media conglomerate with a specialisation in personnel development. Very early on I realized that is key to me to see my personal values and the organizational values of the company I work for aligned. As such, I joined GLS Bank in 2010, where I focus my work on personnel an organizational development tasks. In 2019 I decided to join IMO as I sensed a desire to work with other companies as well and support them in their development journeys.

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