Klaas IJkema

Teodora Varvare

E-mail: varvare@het-imo.net

Teodora joined IMO in November 2019 as one of the initiative carriers for setting up of IMO Romania

The steering question in her consultant approach is “How can I connect the impulse, vision and mission of the company with the requirements of the Present moment (market, clients, stakeholders) and the call of the Future (need for Innovation, proactivity)

Teodora has been working in a multinational company as CFO for the Romanian subsidiary for 15 years. She managed the finance and controlling department. She was responsible for building up, training and developing the finance and controlling team as well as setting up and developing processes inside the company.

She comes from a biographical counselling field. She considers organizational development as well as Biographical work a world of possibilities of understanding and developing. For that, the consultant and client must commit to a lot of work with themselves, determination and most of all honesty and courage.