Ronen Hahn

Ronen Hahn


Member of IMO since year 2015.
He is acting as an organizational consultant and a Biography counselor since 1999.
He has specialized in organization development of schools, kindergartens, Waldorf communities and NGO’s and social innovation for ideational organizations, service companies, administrative departments and the construction industry.

He is also a lecturer of Biography, teamwork, Goethenian science and inner development path.

Since year 2012 he is a member of the ASD – Association for Social Development.
Ronen is responsible for the Israeli center for horizontal leadership.
He studied Electrical Engineering and worked in the High-Technology industry for 14 years, in the fields of Mathematical algorithms in the Medical devices area.

Since 2004 he is leading and teaching in Waldorf teacher training program in Israel.
Ronen is married, has 3 children.