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Josefina Morandin

E-mail: josefina@imoconsultoria.com.br

M. Josefina Lepri Morandin

As a professional social worker, Josefina worked during 33 years in the social  field: in Not for Profit organizations and in the local township of Tambau – SP.

She coordinated municipal counsel for childhood and  social assistance and was responsible for the Department of Social Assistance in Tambau.

She articulated the development programme for social leaders in the region of Casa Branca between 1996 and 2000.

She took part in the Master Programme Horizontal Leadership (2007 – 2008) and the Master Programme Consultancy (2011 – 2013), coordinated by IMO consultants from Holland and Brazil.

She specialized herself in Conflict Mediation, and Non Violent Communication with Trigon – Germany.

Since 2007 she Works as consultant, with her experience of organizational management and process Consulting with a focus on horizontal leadership.

She facilitates Programmes of Development of Leaders, with main focus on social skills.

She develops consultancy in companies, with focus on change processes and organizational development.

She is active in development processes in Family Companies.

She runs processes of coaching and coaching in conflict.

She works in processes of mediation of conflict between individuals, groups and in organizations.