Joachim Heinz

Joachim Heinz


Joachim Heinz is a development consultant, life/business coach and eurythmist with a strong entrepreneurial attitude in life.

Being German by birth, Joachim has been living in Russia since 1995. In 1999 Joachim founded Heinz Consulting international Center in Irkutsk. The Center has become one of the first consultancies in Russia that viewed organizations as human creations for humans. Since 1999 he has been working with companies all over Russia from Moscow to Russian Far East.

Before he moved to Russia, Joachim worked as a gestalt therapist and later as eurythmist in Germany. In the beginning of his stay in Russia together with his friends and colleagues he was developing cultural projects, such as the Water Forum on the Lake Baikal, exhibitions of German artists in Baikal region and many other significant cultural events. He also ran the amateur eurythmy theatre in Irkutsk with more than 30 participants from 9 to 60 years for three years. The group gave several public performances in the region.

Since Heinz Consulting was established, Joachim played a leadership role in the company for 13teen years and wrote regularly articles on leadership and organizational development. Even before he met Adriaan Bekman in 2003, he was developing forms and methods of co-creating change in client organization together with the client. Establishing connections with the NPI and IMO gave new impulse to the development of Heinz Consulting and led to founding IMO-Russia in March 2014.

Joachim is a person with a vivid mind. He is in a constant researching mode, looking for new ideas and ways to support development of organizations and people. His inner dialogue with the phenomenon of the universe, his striving for sense making, fine understanding and handling of the human soul is an inspiration for his colleagues and leaders of the client organizations.

Joachim co-develops and guides seminars “Horizontal Leadership Course”, “Constructive Confrontation”, eurythmy courses, “Personal mission” workshop, and many others. Recently he started to work as a guest docent for corporate culture in Tomsk University.