enquiring dialogues

The IMO community has many people with extraordinary stories and rich ideas. They write about them or share them with their audience during lectures and in workshops. But they also inspire personal and reflective conversations. Some of these we recorded with a camera to view on this website.

Watch and listen to dialogues with IMO consultants about publications and meaningful experiences.

In these dialogues we do research on the thoughts and ideas, the judgements and inner attitude and strivings for next steps. 

Adriaan Bekman and Klaas IJkema on 'The Story of Horizontal Leadership' (2023)

Adriaan Bekman published in 2022 The Story of Horizontal Leaderhip. Join the dialogue about this book.

IMO Biography by Adriaan Bekman (2018)

In eleven short videos Adriaan tells about the biography of the IMO impulse in his life.

Tertta Paananen podcast channel Horizontal Leadership

Tertta Paananen from IMO Finland has a Podcast on Horizontal Leadership. She started the podcast in 2022.

A good interview is an interaction between two people who enable each other to appear by asking questions, asking questions in return, by listening and answering. Klaas IJkema