Klaas IJkema

Hilmar Dahlem

E-mail: dahlem@het-imo.net

Hilmar joined the IMO coregroup in April 2005.

Key themes in the work: Learning and Competence Concepts, Biography & Profession, Leadership and Team development, Organisation Development, Public Relations.

The intense co-operation with a German ethical and socially oriented Insurance company is for Hilmar an important source of inspiration.

To act in an entrepreneurial way in personal, social and economical questions is for Hilmar a biographical practice and each time again it appears as a key theme in projects.

From 2000 till the beginning of 2005 Hilmar was co-worker and co-owner of the GAB München – Gesellschaft für Ausbildungsforschung und Berufsentwicklung. During this period he was active in several development and model projects concerning learning in the workplace, competence management, biography and quality management.

The past
Hilmar was educated as a professional hospital health care professional and worked for several years in the intensive care department. He acted as participant in the work council, as an educational worker in the labour union. He was responsible for a health magazine and wrote several publications.

In the beginning of the nineties he studied social sciences in Frankfurt am Main, and then studied (1993 -1997) Waldorf pedagogy in Witten, Germany. After these studies he worked in the training school for Waldorf teachers, in organisation development projects and public relation projects.

From 1998 onwards he managed first projects with GAB München, from 2000 on as co-worker and co-entrepreneur. Hilmar has additional qualifications in Quality management, Organisation Development and Competence Management.