Grazia Del Negro

E-mail: [email protected]

I arrived in IMO thanks to prof. Patrizio di Nicola, esteemed sociologist of the organisation, who showed me how the methodologies of horizontal leadership for integrated organisations is very useful to improve the work on issues I had been dealing with for years. For what concerns my activity, the IMO approach represents an efficace impulse and methodology to enhance the dynamic links between the organisational and the biographical development of people, so that the work experience can get a new value.

Interested in businesses as human aggregations and social actors, after graduating in Institutional and Business Communication, I deepened my studies through an international university master in Sociology on the topics of city, culture, and development. I received a doctorate in Sociology at the University of Zaragoza (Spain) with a research on inclusion in social enterprises, too. I also dealt with economics and social enterprises, with practices of corporate social responsibility, and with the BCorp phenomenon.

Among activities in support of companies, I participated in the project and realisation of a cultural start-up which is mainly dedicated to research in the field of social sciences. I promoted its diffusion in an international scientific context through the establishment of an in-house publication, as well. Furthermore, I worked as managerial consultancy in innovation marketing for family businesses and for internationalisation of micro and small Italian businesses.

In the field of training, I held university courses on the social action of businesses with interactive and cooperative learning methods which I then applied in the entrepreneurial field and in teaching at high school in Italy.

As a promoter of quality connections, I continue to be active in creating networks between Italian and Iberian professional, entrepreneurial and academic environments.

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