Klaas IJkema

Erica Rizziato

E-mail: rizziato@het-imo.net

I joined IMO’s international core group in August 2013. The creation of IMO Italy is the fulfillment of a long journey of action-research to innovate the culture and practice of organized life. The journey began in 2000 with an action-research project that I promoted at the National Research Council (Ircres – Institute for Sustainable Socioeconomic Research) where I have worked since 1993. The project gave birth to the Motiva Association, created with Adriaan Bekman and other colleagues involved, which was active until 2010.

I developed the IMO methodology from a scientific point of view, having been mandated by the international core group. The results have been published in numerous articles, scientific publications and books, the latest of which describes IMO methodology as a methodology for horizontal leadership and integrated organizations. The title is: Toward a Humanism of Organizational Life: Generating Development in Complexity with Horizontal Leadership (published in Italian version by Francoangeli in 2020, by 2022 it will be published in English version).

I work as a development consultant in several for-profit, nonprofit and public organizations and continue the ‘action-research activity at CNR Ircres with the ELSE (Ethics Work Sustainability Economy) network project in collaboration with IMO, working with a transdisciplinary approach.

In 1988 I graduated in Statistics from the University of Padua, then worked in Quality Control in a large company. Later I was scientific manager of European projects concerning technology transfer and innovation at a network of University Consortia, where I started a center for business support in export.

I collaborate with several Italian universities to innovate learning and placement processes. Since 2021 I have been a lecturer at the Pontifical Antonianum University in Rome, for the degree course in Integral Ecology.

For 20 years I have been using and experimenting with a movement art called “Eurythmy” linking it to development activities in organizations. In 2018, I received the official 5-year Diploma in Eurythmy from the Euritmeum CH school in Aesh, Switzerland, specializing in Eurythmy for organizations.