Edith Brandner

Edith Brandner

E-mail: [email protected]

Edith joined IMO in September 2020

I have always been fascinated and intrigued by human beings and their strong desire to make a difference and “be involved”.
To support people in the uncovering of their potential, and to help them create with respect and responsibility towards one another, is a core theme in my life-philosophy.
For me, personal and technical competence does not only arise from the acquisition of knowledge, but rather it is a connection between the awakened and the activated potential, in combination with lived and integrated life experience, and the theoretical background that goes with it.
I came to this approach through a conscious and mindful, wakeful lifestyle within and outside of my professional activity. Networked thinking, looking behind things, and recognizing where the spotlight can be re-set are strengths, in addition to in-depth knowledge, that I am happy to bring to the process.
I am happy to accompany individuals as well as teams and groups in their self-reflection of work and personality processes.

  • Trainer of Supervision
  • Coach
  • Complementary therapist with advanced federal diploma of higher education
  • Pediatric nurse with federal diploma

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