Klaas IJkema

Alexandra Hösli

E-mail: hoesli@het-imo.net

Alexandra focuses on humanistic, new leadership approaches. She has a great fascination with organizations – their structure, their strategic orientation, their operational design, the individuals in them and above all the human interactions and their dynamics within organizations. For her, an organization is nothing more than a group of human beings trying to achieve a common goal. Through her academic management education and many years of experience in the private industry, she became aware that in most organizations the people are seen mainly as a resource or tool instead of human beings. Therefore, their full potential has not yet been unlocked.

She wants to change that. Using the horizontal leadership IMO approach, she accompanies leaders, teams, team members and organizations to bring the human focus back into the organizations for greater satisfaction, better working conditions and sustainable performance.

Her strengths lie in communication, analysis and reflection of situations and circumstances and she uses them to accompany others in reaching a human-oriented, horizontal leadership style.

Job qualifications:

  • Swiss and European banking certification
  • Bachelor of Arts UZH in Business Administration, University of Zurich
  • Master of Arts HSG in Marketing, Service and Communication Management, University of St. Gallen
  • Masterclass in Horizontal Leadership (IMO)