IMO 2017 Introduction

Here you find the 2017 yearly report of IMO activities in the different countries and in IMO International.

If you read through the report you find a wide range of activities, initiatives, contributions IMO colleagues and their clients have taken on in 2017. One can be very grateful to see how IMO is alive and contributing to human and organization development in many parts of the world.

IMO International

The IMO International Board: Adriaan, Hilmar, Jutta, Joachim, Erica, Hannu, Hermanus, Hans, Ronen.

8 IMO teams/ 50 IMO colleagues developed with their clients in an inspiring and productive way.

IMO has 400 Client organizations in 12 countries around the world she is working with these years. You find more on 

Master classes on leadership were organized in most IMO countries.
We had the first participants of the IMO online Academy that presented their final paper on the academy site.

60 people visited the IMO network and client days in Kaap Doorn Netherlands organized by Jutta Hodapp and Christian Lucke. We worked on three horizontal leadership skills. The meeting was inspiring and fulfilling.

The key activity of IMO International in 2017 was the creation of the 2nd version of the IMO online Academy by Klaas IJkema and Adriaan Bekman. The key elements of the IMO methodology can now be studied in a step for step learning process.

Adriaan published 7 books (English Version) at Alert Verlag Berlin Germany that represent the main content of his development work over many years: the philosophy, the methodology, the new soul development path, the horizontal organizing and leadership, the self development of the soul, the self leadership.

In September 2017 Adriaan announced that he would leave his role as general IMO leader in September 2018. The IMO Board will be his successor. Jutta Hodapp was asked by the IMO Board to become the leader of the IMO Board. Adriaan will join the IMO Germany Team in December 2018.

IMO Russia

The IMO Russia Team: Tatiana, Sergeij, Joachim, Arina, Sergeij I.

2017 was a very busy and intensive year. It started with a seminar on ‘horizontal leadership’ in Moscow with Adriaan present; almost 40 persons - consultants, leaders and owners of different organizations - took part in it.

Besides the master class in Moscow we started with two other master courses, one in Yekaterinburg and another one in Moscow, also we started a five-module program on biographical work and a 4-module program called “school of steps”.

We are concentrating on the client offers that are close to our personal key competences like, IMO movement, biographical work, leadership, community building, metaphor games.

We connected in 2017 to organizations that work in spheres close to our values like Waldorf schools in Tomsk, Sotschi, Samara and Irkutsk.

Siberian IMO developed a new format of work with the clients, which they call “club school“. They organized a series of eight 2-3 hour meetings for people, who wanted to learn different tools for horizontal organizing.

Tatiana is leading a 9-month course on biography work and integrates elements of biography work into her consulting work with companies. Sergeij is doing individual consultations with parents of Waldorfschool in Samara.

We are now connecting and keeping contact with partners Oxana, Dina, Mark, Alexandrina, Larisa, Sergeij, Lena, with whom we co-create in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Tomsk, Samara, Sotschi seminars, trainings, lectures and master-classes.

IMO Suomi

The IMO Suomi Team: Hannu, Pinja, Rajkumar, Tertta.

All IMO colleagues had a successful development in their client work. We could enlarge the variety of the clients.

During the year we could develop and establish a good basis for our team collaboration. It was a result of our monthly one-day meetings, where we could share our client cases and study the methodology.

We started a totally new collaboration project with the vocational training centre OMNIA in Espoo. This is a pioneering work in Finland to develop a horizontal leadership program for Waldorf schools and ‘Kindergardens’. We call it IMO JET Master Class for the Specific Qualification of Management.

During the whole year we organized several occasions for leaders from different organizations to work and study the questions about leadership and organizing. All together about 70 leaders took part in these one-day events.

Tertta has successfully run the IMO online academy in Finland. Along the year she could coach 4 new students to finish the 20 weeks program with a nice publication on the IMO online academy site.

IMO Germany

The IMO Germany Team: Hilmar, Jutta, Alexander, Christian L, Christian O, Timothy, Bernhard, Goetz, Angelika.

IMO Germany is very well established with now nine colleagues and another three colleagues who are interested to approach IMO. We concentrated as a team on exploring the IMO methodology in more depth in several sessions.

We have a wide range of clients from big companies up to start-ups and Waldorf schools.

We have invited our clients to an IMO Client day in which we explored the issue of succession using the example of an Austrian Winery IMO Client.

Very important for us is our Master class which is going very well and which connects us also on another level with our clients.

One of our main issues at the moment is talking about strategy and how to get more influence in the fields we are in, for example Waldorf school or organic food companies, to make IMO more known and recognized as a kind of lighthouse in this field.

IMO Switzerland

The IMO Switzerland Team: Patrizia, Eliya, Hans-Peter, Hans, Gianni,

Patrizia is working part time for a refugee’s organization. She also does a lot of coaching work with especially younger people.

Together with Eliya they prepare the New Generation Leadership Program.

Patrizia is collaborating with Hans in the Master class for Leadership and they do some client work together.

Hans-Peter launched his communication book „From monolog to dialog“ published at the Alert Verlag. He has some larger projects and several Team Development activities.

Gianni is very busy on his tunnel project in the Swiss Alps and is working together with Hans on the translation and development of Adriaan’s ‘Windows Book’.

Hans is working in several whole system OD projects. As a facilitator he is responsible for the Swiss Master class, different kind of Spiral Dynamic trainings, involved in the IMO Youth project and activities in Israel, Irkutsk and Brazil.


The IMO Brazil team: Beth, Hermanus, Jos, Josefina, Lafayette, Marcelo, Paulo.

In one 2,5 day meeting and 4 one-day meetings we worked together on the development of IMO-Brazil: the impulse, the community and client work.

In 2017 we had the pleasure to receive 5 colleagues from abroad to contribute in master classes and IMO team meetings.

We opened up to new clients in new regions and new areas. We noticed strongly how important it is to integrate in-company consultancy and master class training.

An example of a new and promising client is the UNIFEOB – a modern private University. They organized a two days event for their co-workers and invited organizations of the region to participate. The IMO colleagues, together with Adriaan had a fundamental visible role.

We had the following programmes running:

  1. Master Horizontal Leadership: 22 participants; 8 modules;
  2. PDL-Program for social skills and initiative: 14 participants; 5 modules;
  3. One-day workshops for Deepening Leadership for ex-participants in programmes;
  4. PGLEi: “clients visiting clients”, learning mutually from the practice;
  5. CEO master: Creating opportunity to meet and exchange questions and experiences;
  6. Counsellors: For board members in different organizations;
  7. PDCEW: programme for Waldorf Schools: 50 participants; 4 modules;
  8. Mediation: professional course in partnership with Eco Social and Trigon;
  9. Mindfulness: Inner abilities for leaders – in partnership with Eco Social and Trigon;
  10. Organizing visits to Beach Park and Sítio Barreira on autonomous teams;
  11. IMO conference of 2 days: 40 participants;
  12. IMO-Brazil took part in “Sports for Peace”, an initiative of the Barrichello Foundation.

IMO Netherlands

The IMO Netherlands team: Jutta, Klaas, Lisanne, Happy, Elodie, Freek.

Each month we had a one-day meeting, where we had as subjects: Impulse, Client case, Exercise and issues like marketing activities. This worked very well.

The team is now a team. Working together at the client is increasing more and more.

Under the leadership of Klaas there have been 4 meetings of the IMO research group.

Elodie worked with a team of 4 IMO colleagues and 20 volunteers creating a conference with 135 participants to bring the IMO impulse to organizations and individuals working on international conflict mediation.

This year we’ve started, after a long break, with a Dutch master class on Leadership. Several international colleagues were participating in it. It was a good setting and a good experience for the participants.

IMO Italy

The IMO Italy Team: Erica, Erika, Antonio, Stefano, Patrizia.

There are 3 new interested colleagues for IMO: Valentina Leoni, Giamila Lapponi and the director of a assurance company.

The year 2017 was a very fruitful one. This year the leading idea was to make IMO more known in Italy and so some steps were taken.

Erica was asked to be part in a research process in the Italian association for training AIF Puglia about the new competences for managers.

Erica and Erika helped the development of a new phase of the national association for management called Feder-management.

Projects with young people in University on horizontal leadership went on in partnership with Ircres, CNR, Rete ELSE for Universities (Università di Arezzo e del Foro Italico).

3 articles were published in Leadership & Management about The Leadership of the future. One article of Adriaan was translated in Italian language.

We created a partnership with a company in the security and safety sector (Alfambiente), proposing a blog ‘Safety in action’ for horizontal leadership in security sector.

We created also a partnership with the national association for security and safety, named AIAS

Antonio and Erica together with Adriaan had the second edition of the master on Leadership in which we had a very enthusiastic participation of people.

Antonio’s work with municipalities improved a lot. Erika Nemmo is working for a big client nearly full time (INAIL the national assurance institute for health processes in work field) to reorganize processes.

Stefano is consulting a network of small and medium companies.

Sicilian colleagues Pippo and Roberto created an association OSVIL, which collect all the consultants of local development who were involved in projects with IMO approach.   Their association will be Imo partner. Erica is finishing her Italian version of the IMO book and is starting a reduced English version.

IMO Israel

The IMO Israel Team: Ronen, Daphna, Nitzan, Irit, Einat.

The number of clients is growing slowly: Waldorf schools, Lean construction, Banks.

Ronen started to teach in "Ono Academic College" organizational consultancy for educational institutions. Courses have 30 students, one course had more than 100 students. All the religions in Israel participate: Muslim, Arab Christian, Druze, Cherkasy, Bedouin.

We have finished the first master class in May 2017.

A big and complex project we are working on is the next development step of the whole work of the Waldorf community in Israel. All colleagues including Hans and Adriaan are contributing. The highlight was a big conference in February 2017 in Ramat Gan with 90 participants.

Several articles on different IMO concepts were written and published by Einat and Ronen.

The Waldorf seminar in Ramat Gan continues, Adriaan visited the seminar in December and contributed with a session based on "be the pilot of your life". The course "team work" continue and is recommended for every Waldorf seminar in the world.


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