Women Leaders

creating ourselves at the crossroads

To deal with the complex issues of our time it is essential that we use our talents to the fullest. In this workshop Women Leaders women examine and develop their leadership.


The participant develops herself to be the leader in her own life. Every participant learns to recognize the moment to resist systems and customs and act from her talents. Through mediation, negotiation and conflictmanagement skills the participant will become a strong and confident leader. A leader with integrity without being dogmatic, that continues to be focussed on sustainable resolutions.

Topics of the three day workshop

  • If Leaders Are Not Only Born, How Are They Made? When women examine feminine models of leadership and their family patterns they are freed to become a leader in their own life.
  • What Do Women Want? Each woman crafts a strategic plan for her life with a vision, goals and strategies for achieving them.
  • Life in the Balance: Making values and key commitments explicit guides choices and enables each woman to express her talents.
  • Miscommunications, Lies, and Conflicts: Skills in mediating, negotiating, and responding to conflicts enable women to be more powerful and self-confident leaders.
  • Spirit, and Self-Expression: Each woman identifies her barriers to intimacy and spiritual evolution, and builds confidence, authenticity and capacity for sustained intimate relationships.
  • Principle Centered Leadership: A context of principles, values, integrity and social commitment guides women to demonstrate leadership.
  • The Ultimate Questions: Each woman develops her capacity to accept death and loss as natural and inevitable, thereby enriching her life.


Each woman designs a strategic plan for her life with a vision, goals and strategies for achieving them. Making values and key commitments explicit guides choices. The exploration of the topics is based on the book by Joan Goldsmith and Warren Bennis: The 4th Edition of Learning to Lead. A Workbook on Becoming a Leader. Addison Wesley.

In addition to this book, we use texts, literature, articles, current news, video feedback processes, structured individual and joint exercises and coaching.


  • The participant has developed confidence, authenticity and the power to create sustainable relationships.
  • The participant has tools to use her talents to the fullest.
  • The participant knows how to act with integrity in a politically challenging environment.
  • The participant has developed her capacity to deal with death and loss.
  • The participant knows her barriers to intimacy and spiritual evolution.

Practical issues

Teacher: Elodie van Sytzama

Time and data 2016
15 nov 10.00-16.00
17 nov 9.30-16.00
18 nov 9.30-16.00

€2750,- excl. VAT without coachingsessions
or €3350,- excl. VAT incl. 3 coachingsessions (possible online)

Location: Jan Luijkenstraat 66, 3 Amsterdam.

Amount of participants in a group: 4-8.

Credits for Dutch Lawyers and Notaries: 21 professional credits. Mediators please ask us.

Registration and information

For more information or to register please send an email to [email protected]. State clearly the name of the training and the dates that you wish to attend and your name and telephone number. Upon registration you will receive a confirmation.

If you have an interest to join but are unable to attend on the given dates, also send us an email and we will inform you of future dates (usually in april or november).

Participant Comments

“Elodie succeeds because she knows how to motivate people while fostering a comfortable, safe environment which welcomes diverse experience and encourages communication. Elodie is a good listener and patient with all. She is a great coach!”

“Elodie coached me at a crossroad in setting up my new business. Being the sharp-sighted woman she is, she hears every (tiny) non-verbal change. Therefor she knows how to get right down to the real issues. A very pleasant person to work with and a great coach.”

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