Portrait of Bernard Lievegoed

Dear Adriaan,

Let’s have a good and serious dialogue!

Most people nowadays feel they live in very turbulent times. All types of crisis occur everywhere in the world and we often don’t know what to say and what to do. Sometimes we even don’t want to see and read what is happening. For example the multiple attacks of IS, this Islamic terrorist movement that is frightening so many people.

You are from the school of Bernard Lievegoed who reflected very deep about the streams and forces in the world and in the history of mankind. I have tried to read and understand some of his lectures, but they happen to be quite difficult for me. Often I don’t get the point of his argument, although I am very keen on building up for myself a more long term perspective of the turbulence I mentioned before. And I think a lot of people wish to develop a helpful, sensemaking interpretation. Maybe you can help us to start with it.

So, can you share with us your view on this relative new phenomenon of IS? It seems that, just in the moment of writing this question IS probably caused a bomb attack in Medina today. It is a very topical question, I would say.

Klaas IJkema

(July 2016)

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