Dear Klaas

I had an interesting dialogue in Tel Aviv with a documentary filmmaker that published three one-hour films on you-tube (first, second, third) about the social economic situation in Israel. He wanted to show the public that the real issue today is neither how right or left wing politicians are fighting with each other on societal solutions nor leaders of religious movements who are convincing people what is the right way of living. They all appeal to fear and they use this self-created fear of people to push their own interest through. There is a strong bond between fear arising politicians and business tycoons that use this fear to exploit the citizen. It is today about tycoons that own most of the economic welfare and that manipulate the innocent citizen to pay fees that are wide over the real costs of producing the products and services the consumer buy.
It reminded me of a saying by Bernard Lievegoed: “The entrepreneurs are the ones that have the responsibility today for the issues we deal with. They are the old initiated people and they can look through economic realities that define our lives today”.

We dialogued on opportunities to make people aware of what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ as he called it. I recited a saying of Bernard Lievegoed: “All issues today are moral issues and people have to become aware themselves what to support and what not from a personal moral standpoint”.

I see two places where the difference can be made.

The first place is in the boardrooms of companies. Here decisions are taken on goals and policies and in that place there should be more space for “the why” question and the moral dimension of the effects we produce with the decisions we take.


The second place is where the consumer takes decisions on what to buy and with that act what it is that the consumer is supporting or not. Also here we are mostly sleeping and not aware what we support by buying stuff that destroys the earth and society.

In the old mysteries it were the initiated people who had the responsibility for the moral level of the community. They gave the principles to live with and they set the boundaries of what is acceptable and what not. In the new mystery it is ourselves that carry this responsibility. It is the task of leaders to make realities visible and transparent for all who are involved.

Being at work in the eight IMO countries together with colleagues I strongly experience the need that people start to understand how to deal with the exploited fear by developing the ability to observe the phenomena in places like the railway station and learn from each other how to deal with these phenomena.

It is in my view the soul of the individual human being that is at stake. “What is occupying the soul and how can one create a free space in the own soul in which I myself can start to steer my life in dialogue with the lives of others I have to deal with.

The philosopher Arnold Cornelis described how today we have to learn “interactive self-steering”. To rest in the natural community and use the infrastructure of our societies is not enough anymore to deal with the issues of today.

Bernard Lievegoed described the evil forces working in the soul. It is the cold technology and the hot ideology that occupy the soul. A new force now is manifesting itself. It is the force of senseless destruction. We can observe this force in people killing innocent people for no reason then hate in the soul. That happens all around the world. It is the battle between all of us that this force can lead to. We have to start to deal with these forces ourselves. In that we can be the companion of the other. I call this the awakening of the leadership in all of us and the learning of this moral leadership repertoire. This is a daily exercise to practice in all social economic situations and acts we are in.


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