Tower Blocks of São Paulo

In Holland - Europe it is the end of the summer. I visited my colleagues one and a half week long in Brazil. There it was winter: 20 to 25 °C. The warmth of the people and this country impressed me. Meeting a lot of people that feel connected to IMO was like feeling the warmth of a family. This is to my experience a stronger element in society than in Holland. I contributed at two IMO masterclasses during these days, for consultants and for leaders. It was about the inner attitude of the consultant and about the core quality of coaching. Both workshops were very inspiring, for the participants but also for myself. I discovered in a new way the simplicity and the beauty of the methodology, based on the threefold question: Who am I? Where are my soulmates? What is my life journey? I invited the consultancy group to write about it, short but going to essence. This will appear on the IMO website. And again there was this warmth quality. With the leadersgroup we had a nice evening party: together making and eating pizzas. Also some guest were invited and it was a happy gathering. That week we also joined a meeting with IMO clients in São Paulo, organized by Jos Schoenmaker. Our host was Hélio Brito, CEO of DMC Brazil, an international operating company for organizing events. He participated in one of the IMO masterclasses together with two others participants, which he invited some IMO colleagues to work together on the leadership culture. His ultimate vision is: in the end DMC Brazil can be responsible for its processes without me. I interviewed him, together with Hermanus, about the cooperation with IMO and asked Hélio to tell about the effects till now. I took this interview with my mobile phone and the video is a bit overexposed, it is to light. It is about seven minutes. It gives a nice impression of how IMO works with some of its clients. Klaas IJkema, september 2015

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