IMO-Russia took part in the Training and Development Festival


On the 6th of September IMO-Russia, represented by Joachim Heinz in partnership with Oxana Alechina  (Academy for Social Art) took part in the famous Russian T&D Festival – Practices of Development with the topic “Horizontal leadership as an Approach to Lead Change Processes“.


Practices of Development is a big annual conference, organized in Moscow by Open Training University of Mark Kukushkin ( This year it was the fifth Festival and it gathered more than 750 participants. During four days 350 speakers gave an overview of innovative models, methods and approaches on the market of training and development.

About 20 persons where interested In the IMO masterclass, mostly consultants, but also a few employees of companies (HR specialists, lean managers, one general director).

During our 90 minutes master-class we introduced to the participants the IMO history and some elements of the IMO methodology where we focused on the key IMO working spheres, especially the sense making.

We started the event with a conscious movement exercise. Later on we gave the participants the opportunity to train one of our basic leadership exercises “Questioning the question“. During the feed-back round these two elements where mentioned by almost all participants as the most impressive and valuable experiences of the master-class. I will use this exercise in the future’, ‘That’s an excellent exercise for making people responsible’, ‘This is how to motivate people’, said the participants.


For us it was again a confirmation, that it is the doing, the will-part that touches the soul of people and stays in their mind.

We are looking forward to taking part in the PIR-2017 with a modified master-class approach based on doing and exploring the horizontal issue together with the participants

Joachim Heinz

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