The Spitex Region Brugg is in its five-year existence. They are a model for public management, strategy and health care at home in the canton of Aargau.

In order to be a fair, secure, progressive and valued employer, a common understanding of leadership is required.

The executives of the Spitex region Brugg regularly reflect on their leadership and their actions, accompanied by Hans Ruijs. They developed leadership principles based on the 4 core qualities of horizontal leadership.

Steering means for us …

  • To have a common goal (vision)
  • To lead active and direction-oriented and to create appropriate framework conditions
  • To take responsibility for results

 Coaching means for us …

  • To recognize the potential of the professionals and to develop and promote their development and self-responsibility
  • Create space for reflection and learning in a culture of appreciation and open communication

 Inspiring means for us …

  • To listen active, enable creativity, to give sense, to have courage and encourage others
  • To appreciate the past and to shape the future in the present
  • To be inspired is a prerequisite for the successful development of our organization

Intervening means for us …

  • To make decisions at the right moment, in order to protect values, goals and results

The professionals show a high degree of leadership in the execution of the patient processes and can therefore also implement these leadership principles for themselves.


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