In Rummelsberg, close to Nuremberg in Germany, 42 IMO colleagues coming from 8 countries shared during 4 days their client based experiences and insights. It was an inspiring meeting in a very dynamic process. Our German colleagues prepared the meeting and welcomed us during the first evening. We started each morning with a short singing session lead by Christian Lucke. In no time we sang four-voice canons.

Adriaan Bekman shared, the first full day in the first full hour, the history of the IMO impulse. The second day his first hour was dedicated to The Human Creation, his latest book. The third day we worked on the question “How to create the vertical out of the horizontal dimension”. This was about taking initiatives, developing competences, dealing with money, working with systems, co-operating, constructing and formatting organisations.

Each day we spend three times an hour on the best practices of colleagues: “How to create a leading image of an organisation”, “How to move from a defensive routine to a clear personal standpoint”, “Personal Leadership and Organisation Development”, themes like that, presented by two or three colleagues, were explored in two parallel groups. We reflected each day at the end with the question: What do I want to remember for my practice as IMO colleague?

The fourth day we explored the common formal infrastructure of IMO in the different countries. The IMO is an Institute, the legal format is a Dutch Foundation. We base our work on IMO entrepreneurs, who work together in IMO country teams, all being part of the International IMO community. We work in companies, we initiate activities in IMO Centres for Horizontal Leadership and we offer our clients learning opportunities in the IMO Academy.

Going home I experienced an overwhelming gratitude to be and work together with such a beautiful group of IMO colleagues. Last year we were in Brazil, this year in Germany, next year we will be in Finland.

(See also a German article: A plea for more self responsibility)

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