The first week of October was very special for IMO-Brasil and its clients: we count on the contribution of our IMO colleague, Christian Lucke from Germany, for three programs that take place throughout this year:

The PGLi, program in Management and Horizontal Leadership integrated – in which several companies throughout the year work the integration between management and leadership and the introduction of management tools. Practical one-day workshops are alternated with concrete application in the company, supported in loco by the consultants Marcelo, Paulo and Josefina.

The MPL – Master Program Horizontal Leadership with 8 modules, which brings together managers and leaders of organizations that want to develop a style of leadership that combines the vertical dimension with the horizontal. Each module focuses on a specific aspect: this time the horizontal leader and the lean process, finding fluidity and simplicity in the work processes.

Deepening for Consultants, IMO colleagues and other invited and interested consultants work for two days to enhance their practice as a consultant. This time was the theme: the IMO approach to Lean processes in organizations.

They were days of inspiration and deepening in management, leadership and consulting – the pillars for the development of companies and institutions.


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