I asked the eight IMO country teams the following question:

“Could you prepare a module of 1,5 hours for our international collegial meeting in Finland. The question we will work on is: What do you see as the key capital of IMO that we should further develop and nourish. It would be great when this is connected to what really is the core element in your team that you are working on together, connected to clients and IMO impulse.”

After meeting each other in the late afternoon, we started the next three days with 15 minutes exploration of voice, breathing and singing guided by Hans-Peter Ulli.

Adriaan took care of the first 1,5 hour session each day, sharing essentials of the IMO impulse, it’s history, the spiritual stream that it is based on and the methodology that was developed out of it.

Each IMO country team presented their contribution in a 1,5 hour workshop. Through this common exploration we got an intense and full impression and common experience of what it is that we try to bring forward with our clients.

The Finnish colleagues that had organized this conference brought us every evening into Tampere town to eat, to listen to the history of Tampere, to enjoy each others company. We visited the beautiful town hall and met the deputy Mayor for sustainable environmental developments.

We said goodbye to Bernhard Kloke for whom it was the last yearly international IMO meeting. We also shared the succession of Adriaan Bekman as IMO leader by the IMO Board that will be leaded by Jutta Hodapp from September 2018 on. Adriaan will be part of IMO Germany.

Next year we will meet in Russia.

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