In our international IMO meeting, the first week of April this year, my Swiss colleagues Hans Ruijs and Patrizia Luise proposed an exercise about decision-making. In this exercise, we collected a sum of money to make the decision to direct it for a real project. Play for Culture of Peace, the project in which I am involved, was chosen in the end. Several colleagues were aware of the importance of this project and have set out to help.

My work on this project is to be a consultant in Nonviolent Communication, connected to IMO approach of horizontal leadership. I have been doing research in the nonviolent communication in the IMO masterclass Horizontal Leadership with a focus on intervention and the development of dialogue.  And now it can practice this together with educators in their leadership with children and young people in very vulnerable situations. In addition to workshops the project will run coaching sessions and intervision two times a month. Seven mediators, formed in a partnership IMO and Trigon, will act as volunteers and will support me in building a IMO path in mediation. Read more about the project in this brief presentation. Any help will be very welcome. Thank you!!!!

Elisabeth Cerri

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