Sergej Arfanidi

E-mail: [email protected]

Sergej Arfanidi is a lector, trainer and development consultant. He is one of the most devoted ambassadors for the client interests in economic reality. His strong principles make him an inspired and inspiring speaker for horizontal leadership, client and human orientation in business, new economic and social realities. His key research topics are trust and employee engagement.

Sergej has strong connections with the educational institutions and academic world in Russia. Being a university lecturer and leader of graduate programs in Siberian universities in the past, he still works a lot with students.

He was a co-founder and leader of many international projects, including The House of Europe in Irkutsk, Irkutsk German-Russian Society and many others. He is a «cross-road», connecting different people, different cultures, Germany and Russia.

In 2004 Sergej joined Heinz Consulting International Center. Together with his colleagues in Russia Sergei co-develops the Horizontal Leadership concepts. In March 2014 he became the co-founder of IMO-Russia.

Sergej co-develops and guides the seminars «Horizontal Leadership Course», «Leadership styles», «Mission of an Organization» and others.

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