For the 6th time Matthias Schenk and Adriaan Bekman opened the Soul Space in Schloss Freudenberg Wiesbaden Germany for one week. Michaela Bekman joined us in the team.

We had on Tuesday a special presentation of Adriaan’s book Die Menschliche Schöpfung. Jens Heisterkamp from Forum 3 presented his vision on the book. The key notion of his contribution was the vision of Brentano on the human soul. He connected his vision to the vision of Aristotle and Thomas von Aquino. In his time Brentano presented his vision to his pupils Freud, Huxler and Steiner who set together in his classroom In Wien Austria. Read the online article (German language)

The open IMO Germany Client Day on Wednesday was dedicated to exploring the vertical dimension of an organization in connection to the horizontal reality of an organization. The key idea Adriaan presented was he making available of six capital tools for each one in the organization. These tools are usually in the hands of top management. They are: taking initiative, competence development, money steering, landmapping, co-operating, systems and meetings. They are further described in Adriaans new book Horizontal Organizing that is published by Alert Verlag Berlin. We explored this theme in the Seelenraum in a creative and experimental way.

On Thursday/ Friday we had different kind of visitors in the Soul Space. A group of young children, a group of students, couples, individual people, they all explored their own question and got inspired by the experience.

Next year, the 7th time we will finish this soul exploration and present the results of our research.


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