In August 2019 we had module II of our second masterclass, organised and performed by IMO China. The frist masterclass with 25 people had started in January 2018 and ended in May 2019. The second masterclass started in May 2019. We then repeated module I in August in order to give more people the opportunity to join the class. We then merged both module I into one module II with 40 people joining and committing to learn and study together until August 2020.
The six modules of the masterclass in China are always three days, from Friday to Sunday. The teachers are Alexander and Weiping. The main themes are: the image of the human being, the seven beacons, my own leadership between inside and outside, the living organisation, focus on the customer, how to build a human organisation culture and high performing teams, the training of leadership skills, how to work with processes and the concept of process ownership, self-leadership, and leadership in groups and organisations. For one module Adriaan is joining us to work with the class on the theme of the soul. 
In August 2019 we were invited to travel to Shanghai for a two day workshop about how to lead wtih heart in the age of artificial intelligence. 30 people attended. The growing network of people getting familiar with IMO leads to various requests for working with clients from various sectors, including education and industry, and for opening more masterclasses in the future, probably one in Chengdu and one in Shanghai.
The IMO China team is growing and is working together very well. They organise events to present IMO and explain what it is. They engage in client work and they organise the classes so perfectly well that everything can happen smoothly and joyfully. I want to thank the IMO China team very much for all the selfless support to realise the IMO Impulse in China!

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