Inspiring speakers on stage: Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq (Shaman and Elder, Greenland), Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp (Earth Charter Commissioner), Rev. Thabo C. Makgoba (Archbishop RSA Anglican Church), Ibrahim Abouleish (Founder Sekhem), Volkert Engelsman (CEO Eosta / Nature and more), Brigitte van Baaren (Moderator) Chief Arvol Looking Horse (Spiritual Leader of the Sioux), Nikolai Fuchs ( Director GLS Trreuhand, Germany)

New generation appeal to worldleaders: “Take action”

“Please take care of our planet. Cultivate it, pass it on responsibly, so we may do the same. Please look after our soil.” This was the urgent plea, on behalf of the youth Food Movement and the world’s children, of 20.year old Nyakallo Makgoba at the end of the Celebrating Life Conference in Amsterdam last weekend of June.

Together with my former Dutch Kern Konsult colleagues Paul Engel and Marc Wethmar, I joined this event where business-, political-, civil society and spiritual leaders shared their vision, passion and commitment with regard to Soil Challenges.

Soils are the foundation of our human existence, but they are under great threat. A living soil is key to biodiversity, responsible water management, carbon sequestration, the regulation of our climate, resilience, pest & disease resistance of crops and healthy food. We worked with the inspiring question: What mindshift is required to understand, love and develop the earth as a living organism?

The middle session with different spiritual leaders was very touching. They called us to melt the ice in our hearts and to see the task of us human beings to save the soil and bridge the different religions and nations round the world. The soil of the earth needs us all as connecting soil mates.

A soil declaration and Action Plan has been composed and was presented in a ceremonial event at the end of the conference:

Declaration Save our Soils

Conference Theme:

Save our Soils conference

Hans Ruijs




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