Roberto Caggia

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To enter in IMO Italy is the natural fulfillment of a process of studying and researching a European path to organizational improvements. A turning point was my participation in 2000 in the action-research project promoted by Erica Rizziato in CNR, to identify innovative approaches to organizational development and people's motivation.
Within this project, I participated in the creation of an association (Motiva) to experiment and test new ideas, inspired by Olivetti and Lievegoed impulse. Relevant members were  Prof. Francesco Novara, responsible for the Olivetti Psychology center for 30 years, John Lujten and  Prof.Bekman from NPI institute, then promoter of IMO International.
I was active part of Motiva Association with the focus on the design and implementation of  the first local development project in Sicily with the new methodological approach of “horizontal leadership”.  Together with a Local Action Group (GAL), with a development agency and various administrations we reached very important results and the project were considered as a good practice from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and inserted in the “National catalog of Good Practices of the European Social Fund and of the Community Programs and Initiatives implemented in Italy in the period 2000-2006.

The human and professional success of this experience lead many of the protagonists, including myself, to experiment further with CNR-IRCRES and with IMO Italy, the methodology of horizontal leadership in complex and wide-area contexts, working for three years, together with four GAL (Local Action Groups), two development agencies, many entrepreneurs, with a territorial development plan. This is an area of ​​work and research still vital to which IMO can continue to give impulses and concrete contributions.

I studied Philosophy and Political Science at the Universities of Palermo and Rome, I specialized in socio-economic sciences at the Institute of Administrative and Socio-economic Sciences (I.S.A.S) of Palermo.
I have publications in the field of cultural heritage and in the socio-political field. I live summer and winter in a country house with garden, citrus grove and vegetable garden, which I personally take care of.

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