Roberto Caggia

E-mail: [email protected]

Roberto Caggia is member of IMO Italia and has been experimenting IMO methodology in local development projects in Sicily, in cooperation with Ircres-CNR. He is also working as expert in a public company of Sicilian Region and is cooperating as senior consultant for programming european funds with the study center MEDEA in Palermo.

He studied Politics, Philosophy ad Economics at University in Palermo and Roma. After his military services, Roberto Caggia worked 4 years as head of the Sicilian headquarters of an european company. From 1995 he worked 14 years as expert in the Cultural Heritage Department of the Sicilian Region and as horizontal leader in a local development project with local development agencies. He also worked in training institutions and research. He was for 23 years director and then vice president in Free University of Politics. He was one of the founders of Association Motiva, in cooperation with Erica Rizziato and Adriaan Bekman, to experiment a new methodology for development and motivation in organizations, the training-development, in the framework of methodology of evidential.. This experience evolved in the italian action research network ELSE.

Roberto Caggia has scientific publications in the field of cultural heritage and political science. He lives summer and winter in a country house with vegetable garden, which personally love to cultivate.