Research groups

The core idea of the IMO Academy is to do research in the social realm of organization about personal leadership development for all the people. The Academy offers a place where research activities take place. We are constantly developing a methodology in which we integrate diverse types of science and action-reflection learning processes. 

It is a value driven kind of research to find ways to discover the possibilities for horizontal organizing and horizontal leadership.

We invite and promote people to do research together and to publish the results of their discoveries. 

For this reason, the Academy supports an online network website where research groups can collaborate in a rhythmic way and share their knowledge. IMO consultants can invite people to join these groups.

The Academy will provide a growing collection of publication as a result of these research activities.

Research Groups

Biography in Organizations

In the international research group BiO (Biography in Organizations) we explore the relationship between the individual and the organizational biography. The group started in 2020 by Klaas IJkema and Josien de Vries

IMO Talks and IMO Bridges

Five times a year IMO consultants share their experience on working with a key concept in the IMO Talks. A growing group of interested people attend these Talks.  Parallel to these open meetings the IMO colleagues delve into the same topics in a more systematic way during the so-called IMO Bridges meetings.

  1. Questioning the question
  2. Working with process owners
  3. Working with the steering conviction
  4. Working with seven “beacons” of change
  5. Working connecting biography, dialogue and processes
Waldorfschool Leadership Development

Eight Waldorfschools in eight European countries (Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Romania, The Netherlands, Finland, Belgium and Germany) are involved in an action-research process on leadership development. Hans Passenier and Klaas IJkema from the Dutch IMO team initiated this project, together with IMO consultants from the different countries. We call it the WLD project and it is funded by the Erasmus + Agency of the European Union. It started in September 2022 and will end in August 2024

Adriaan Bekman: Living with a question oneself and questioning the other, so that consciousness for the problem grows and new steps forward can be discovered – these together form the foundation for a path of schooling: living in a process, living in dialogue, and living fully within ones own biography.