Recruiting process and the Power of Inspiration

IMO horizontal leader designs and leads the recruitment process. An efficient recruitment process is of course important for both the employer and the candidate. The most important is to ensure a good dialogue and personal encounter with the employer to make sure that her/his wishes and working profile becomes visible.

Photo Tertta Paananen, IMO Recruiter

The Recruiting as a process:

Step 1. The Definition of job requirements and candidate profile

The result of succeeding profile is the question: How to find a person who is competent but also suitable for the job? Competency-based recruitment brings an added value to the process and guarantees the quality. It also provides support for candidates and aids the selection process to focus the profile. The selector mandate will propose the defining criteria to be processed in cooperation with the employer.

Step 2: Pre-selection: The Selection of best fitting candidates

In this phase CV’s and application of each candidate is reviewed, discussed and analyzed together within the employer leadership team. Sometimes the different personality tests can be helpful in order to further ensure the quality of the selection.

Step 3: The individual selection

It is important that the selection process itself is transparent and this includes the short profile description of the candidate mirroring the work profile. The focused questions are sufficient, but you need always the basic information about the candidate´s biography and competences for the work profile.

Step 4: The candidate dialogues with the help of the Methodology of the Evidential

IMO recruiting process with the help of the Methodology of the Evidential makes the initial selection more efficient:

The Questions, based on the methodology, for the candidate are:

  1. What is your steering (guiding) question for the work you are applying?
  2. Can you formulate the essence of your question again?
  3. Can you describe your personal vision that inspires you and you want to go for in this work you are applying?
  4. Can you describe your Leading Learning Practices in your work processes? (decision maker, client- interface and co-operation)
  5. What is your steering conviction now in order to get this work?
  6. Can you describe the essence of your self-leadership and your inner work?
  7. Describe your working in the new workplace through three future scenarios.
    1. Scenario 1: In the next three years, it carries on as before, externally things change
    2. Scenario 2: My big dream is fulfilled, and my surroundings have moved along with it
    3. Scenario 3: The unimaginable has happened, me and my surroundings have fundamentally changed.
      Describe each scenario as a day in your life three years hence in the new workplace.
Step 5: Being the pilot of your life

IMO recruiting process includes also the next step for every selected candidate in a short career report, life report or biography report. The idea is to help the selected candidate to be pilot in their life and to take and to use their personal leadership step and use the power of inspiration.

The Client Case

Kari Karvonen, PsM, johtava rehtori
Toimihenkilöjärjestöjen Opintoliitto TJO ry
Helsingin aikuisopisto, Töölöntullinkatu 8, 00250 HELSINKI
Aktiivi-Instituutti, Mikonkatu 8, 00100 HELSINKI
[email protected]

Our recruiting process is easy and inspiring process to both sides and screens a lot of candidates. We plan the realistic timespan to lead the recruiting process as a whole.  Our want ad is honest, interesting, clear and time focused. It tells also what we offer, not only what we want. The dialogue is our modern style with the methodology of evidential  to encounter the candidate. Our process is transparent to create the speed of trust and all employees who participate the recruiting process lead their learning. We create respect during the encounter. If the candidate is not selected, our developmental feedback, the respectful behavior and the warm decision making process creates the feeling of trust towards the future. Every candidate in Leadership recruiting case get the Leadership potential report and another career report. The reports support the candidate’s self-leadership and help them to be pilot in their life. One inspiring case is a selected secretary who is now our HRD -expert.

The employer’s mandate for my recruiting process:

Adult Education Institutes in Finland (leaders, education planners, educational secretary, porters) Different Associations in Finland (leaders, educational experts) Enterprises in Finland (leaders, teachers)

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