Within modern work environments, the learner, learning, learning to learn and the leading learning design are magical words when there is a discussion to review the methods employed. Used as a metaphor, the functioning of a circus well illustrates these magical words. Upon examining this from the intellectual standpoint, the leading learning design appears to be pleasing not only to the institution, its employees and its clients, but also to the horizontal leadership level. By investing in learning to learn and leading learning design, clients are ensured of better service, process and products, and the community, in turn, a more co-operative and enthusiastic work environment and process.

What is characteristic to the functioning of an inspiring learning community? The progression in the direction of the unexpected, the unforeseen, the unpredictable and the unanticipated is normal.

In this article the first research topic is the learning community, the second learning networks and the third inspiring client orientation. Inspiration is the experience that an idea, an image, a desire appears to you as if it comes from elsewhere  into your soul. And then you know you are trusted to act out of that inspiration, it is yours. (Ijkema, 2016.) The word INSPIRATION is derived from the Latin verb in-spirare (to blow into or upon; to breathe into). Inspiration is between the poles thinking and willing. In the middle, surviving the poles, the I-soul can come to its own images, judgments and intuitions. In these it experiences freedom and participates in the on-going creation. (Bekman, 2016).

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