Anthroposophy and the working of Anthroposophy in the world community include a history that is more then a century old. Anthroposophy today is a source of inspiration for many people in the world and she is also for some of us a source of irritation. As it may be Anthroposophy is, in the way it worked out over a period of more then a hundred years, possibly that spiritual movement that added the most value and sense to the practical life of people in this world. Anthroposophy is in that sense not only here for the members of this spiritual movement but she is first and for all initiated for the wellbeing and development of the world and its inhabitants. That is unique and deserves admiration and gratefulness.

Connecting our spiritual and practical life happens in the soul of the human being.

The spiritual life and the practical life of an individual are not easy to match in the soul without the personal involvement of this individual, this “I”, that strives to connect the two together.

Our rich inner life that searches for sources of inspiration and our busy practical life that requires our order and control have to find the right balance of our attention.

Anthroposophy as a body of soul knowledge can help us to connect these two worlds together.

She is a path for schooling the soul as well as a body of soul knowledge for the practice of our daily acting. This is shown to us through the valuable contributions those persons made who are inspired by anthroposophy and work in the field of agricultural, the field of education, the field of health care and many other fields in society.

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