Being the pilot in your life: a metaphor

You can see the steering of your life as you who is piloting your own airplane.
The plane has wings that take you up in the air and landing gear for coming down to earth.
You can travel to spaces in time.
You can choose your destinations as to where you want to go to.
Your plane carries those others that are important to you.
There is caring and serving them, taking them with you in your life adventures.
From time to time the plane needs to be serviced so that it can fly safely.
For each flight you need fuel and nourishment.
During your flights you are confronted with changing winds and turbulences. At those times you have to keep your safety belt on.
The cockpit is full of meters that tell you what is happening during the flight. You keep contact with the different guiding flight towers during your flight.
You dialogue with your co-pilot during the flights.
At some moments you inform the passengers about the flight conditions and about the weather in the place where you are going to land.
Over the years you gain experience as a pilot and you can fly ever-bigger airplanes over longer distances.
The beacons under you that give structure and direction to your journey guide your flights.

2015, Alert Verlag | ISBN: 9783941136434

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