Perttu Salovaara

E-mail: [email protected]

Perttu Salovaara, Ph.D., works as organization consultant and leadership researcher, specializing in change processes, leadership development, and creating organizational designs where people feel engaged.

Within the past 15 years he has consulted both SME’s and large global corporations, and has extensive international experience through, for instance, having lived and worked in Germany, Hungary, the UK and USA for several years in each. In terms of research he currently runs a research program on the impact of craft breweries on community building; is part of a research-consultancy group studying Minimalist Organizational Design (MODe); and is writing two leadership books, one on plural/collective forms of leadership, and another one on how organizing emerges in leaderless social movements.

While conflict and crisis are typically viewed negatively, Perttu is fascinated by the power these lend to initiating change.


Video: Leadership in Spaces and Places

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