IMO is an institute of worldwide active consultants. We support processes of change in organizations. Our approach is to develop horizontal leadership and horizontal organizing together with our clients.

Our clients

Our clients tell about their experiences of working with IMO. Watch them in these impressive videos.

The IMO consultants served their clients in around 400 organizations over the last 4 years in the following countries: Brasil, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, Holland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand and Switzerland.

We work in a horizontal way with warmth, movement, creating sense. We share our love for our client and his organization, we take initiatives. Total commitment and mobilizing the will is our strength. We start from the development potential.

"The IMO Academy has given me a lot of practical tools."

"We are all learning how to organize things in a horizontal way."

"It is very simple and the beauty is in its simplicity."

"Everyone is responsible. Everyone can change a process."

We offer

Together with our clients we build up a long term relationship to research and develop new ways of leadership and organizing. To achieve this aim we offer a wide range of activities and programs.


Organizations ready for the future

In September 2018 leaders from Switzerland, Germany, Finnland, Russia and Brasil gathered for a week in the Sao Paulo area to discuss and learn about future organization models. The program was called ‘Desvendar’, which is a Brazilian word meaning ‘unveil’. At the end...

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Changing the way we see the world

Adriaan Bekman, initiator of IMO, handed over the leadership in September this year. He wrote a statement.  'During centuries we have been living as individuals in natural communities that have been directed by religious, political and entrepreneurial...

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Connecting businesses – uniting the world

In the end of September Brazilian IMO colleagues organized for the international IMO community an inspiring and rich experience – the program named Desvendar. Entrepreneurs and consultants from Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Russia and Brazil got together...

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Yearly Report 2017

Yearly Report 2017

IMO 2017 Introduction Here you find the 2017 yearly report of IMO activities in the different countries and in IMO International. If you read through the report you find a wide range of activities, initiatives, contributions IMO colleagues and their...

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IMO Finance

Read an interesting series of blogs about the IMO vision on finance. Timothy Apps and Alexander Schwedeler introduce a new approach to learn to read the  moneystream in relation to the important processes in an organization.

What is IMO about?

Listen to IMO consultants telling about the inspiration in their work.

There is more to say. Get a glimpse of the IMO approach and listen to different stories of people telling about their experience and vision on horizontal organizing. People want to realize their impulse with each other and with their clients in common respect. They do this in the light of the whole and they do this in a space of freedom, out of a personal initiative and not impelled by a forcing concept.

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Video Productions: Alexandre Macedo

Who we are

IMO consultants are at work in several countries. Here you can learn more about them.

It is the client
that has to stand in the centre
of all our efforts.

Adriaan Bekman

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