In this blog I would like to explain some of my own practical experiences in working with financial information, with reading a balance sheet, a profit and loss sheet, and a cash flow calculation. I was encouraged to do so by Adriaan Bekman and by Bernhard Kloke who both have worked with new ideas regarding finances for many years during their advisory work together with clients. They have handed a lot of information and experience to me, ideas which go beyond the traditional way of financial reporting. I therefore would like to start explaining some of the basics, like balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow, before I will start writing about some of those ideas which go beyond. Maybe, after having started, I will also mix it - some new ideas and then again some more traditional ways to deal with finances and financial reporting. This blog might be of interest also to some of our IMO colleagues who are looking for ways to integrate the approach of horizontal leadership and -organising with financial information and dealing with money streams. This blog is an experiment and we do welcome any critical and supportive comment. I would like to thank Klaas Ijkema and Marco de Bert for their ongoing technical and inspirational support to make this possible.

Alexander Schwedeler and Timothy Apps

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