Next steps in the IMO Israel process

Hans Ruijs and Adriaan Bekman visited Israel for the fourth time for a week from Friday to Friday. Basically we have the same pattern during these weeks.

On Saturday we make a trip with Ronen. On Sunday we prepare and visit clients. On Monday we have the master class for school leaders. On Tuesday and Wednesday we have the master class for methodology and consulting. On Thursday we have the IMO team meeting and a client visit. On Friday early morning we return home.

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This time immediately after arriving at the airport, we went to Daphna, our new colleague, that had the Friday evening meal at her home with family members of her and of colleagues Ronen and Nitzan. We were singing and Daphna’s husband spoke the praising of his woman for all the good she gives the family.

On Saturday we visited the Golan high. We were at the calling mountains at the Syria boarder, two Drew cities and the old castle were the sultans and the Christian knights battled.

On Sunday we had a preparing meeting with the pioneers of the Waldorf movement in Israel to dialogue on a new project preparing the next ten years of the Waldorf movement in Israel. This is connected to the forum for Waldorf. This process will go for the next year using the IMO methodology. It will be guided and supported by IMO colleagues.

The school leaders seminar gave new impulses to their way of leading the schools: working with process owners, going step by step, working in groups on real issues, creative dialogue parents – teachers.

The master class on the methodology explores what it means to organize in a horizontal way and lead in a horizontal way in connection to the development of the soul of the individual, the team, and the community. We do IMO exercises to experience the methodology.

On Thursday we visited Harduf, the first anthroposofical settlement where the first Waldorf schools were initiated. Now there is a full swing school with hundreds of students. 20 or more different initiatives live there.

06.00 o’clock in the morning the flight to Amsterdam is leaving.


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