The IMO Siberia colleagues invited me to cooperate with them for one week in Irkutsk.

The day I arrived, I was invited to a radio interview in the afternoon. Thereafter followed a client visit and in the evening a lecture on leadership strategies, where around 50 people gathered.
The next two days a publically announced workshop took place, based on Spiral Dynamics integral and the horizontal Leadership principles.

The venue: a wonderful wooden house, built by the Dekabristy.

The ‘tribe’ of the workshop

Some quotes:

“It was important to me, that the questions I had lived with for a long time, suddenly became clear.”

“In general, the seminar for me became such a “cherry on the cake”, the 5th element, thanks to that I received a very resourced leadership device, which I am confident it will serve me for a long time and with advantage.”
“These two days were enjoyable and fruitful. The information we receive, will be with us for a long time. And personally, I am glad, that in a challenging environment, we will have such an important “ambassador of peace.”

Arina Bagaeva, coaching a participant through his life journey.

Meeting at the IMO Irkutsk office
Arina, Julia, Sergei and Tatiana

The fourth day, we shared and evaluated our experiences, worked on future client issues. We talked about the development of IMO in Irkutsk and celebrated the happenings of this special week.

A mystical journey through the snow to Lake Baikal and Taltsy Park ended an impressive week, full of heartwarming and promising encounters.

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