Horizontal leadership for health and security in working places: an innovative proposal by IMO Italia

Health and safety in workplaces is a legal obligation that too often is tackled with a procedural approach  focused on technical and bureaucratic aspects and often is not considered in strategy issues.
If we wear horizontal glasses, however, we realize that health and safety are first and foremost a process. A process that closely affects the well-being of workers and, above all, is closely linked to the theme of organizational and behavioral change.
Erica Rizziato and Erika Nemmo of Imo Italia, after several years of research and experimentation,  developed a totally new approach called: intelligent health and security.

  1. It is based on four principles: health and safety is a horizontal process because it regards transversely  all the other organizational processes;
  2. create conditions for safe behaviors requires an environment that motivates change and individual development;
  3. the effectiveness of the health and safety process depends on the ability to develop it in relation to the customer’s process so that there is no tension between health and safety constraints and customer satisfaction;
  4. to be responsible of health and security in a company means to be horizontal leaders : people have to be involved and activated to focus on their personal responsibility.

The challenge is to make organizations aware that working on health and safety in a different way  can turn a legal obligation into a development opportunity. IMO Italia is working with several companies which appreciated the new proposal and is creating a network for intelligent health and security responsible.

Erica Rizziato and Erika Nemmo

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