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IMO International Client Network Conference:  October 24 and 25, 2019 

Block these two days in your calendar to join the IMO Client Network Conference 2019. You are warmly invited collaborate and get inspired. The impact of IMO in the world is a steadily growing number of people and organizations which experience the quality of horizontal leadership. Since China has become the latest home base of an IMO consulting group it is a welcome moment to have a closer view of this development movement.

The theme of the conference will be:

Learning from the Best Practices of Horizontal Leadership from Around the World

Every ‘IMO country’ will possibly bring at least one of their clients to the conference. They will share stories, questions and methods regarding their research and development on horizontal leadership. Here we learn from each other, get inspired and start to collaborate. If you want to contribute to the conference, contact your local IMO consultant.

The conference will last two days. We start on Thursday at 10.00 am and continue the next day till 4.00 pm. The costs of the conference are € 275. This is including meals and drinks and does not include the overnight stay. See all information about the registration process in the block on the right side of this page.
Location: conference center Zonheuvel Doorn, The Netherlands (

If you decide to attend or if you have any questions, send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will keep you informed.

With kind regards,

Organizing team:

Klaas IJkema (The Netherlands)
Götz Feeser (Germany)
Nitzan Pimentel (Israel)
Hans-Peter Ulli (Switzerland)

Theme: Best Practices

Best Practices, that sounds good. That does not mean: most succesful practices. But first of all: most interesting and meaningful practices.

IMO style is: clients and consultants are together on a journeytogether of trying to understand the past, asking questions about the present situation and heading up to the future. Step by step we are in a serious and joyful learning process. The stories of these journeys will be in the middle of the conferenc. As soon as we have confirmation from IMO clients we will introduce them here to get a first taste.

During the conference clients meet other clients and IMO relations during workshops and free space sessions. A surprizing cultural and social evening will bring another kind of inspiration.

Program Conference October 24 & 25

The Client Network Conference starts October 24 at 10.00 a.m. You are welcome before to drink thea, coffee and meet others. It ends the next day, October 25 at 4.00 p.m.

The timeframe of the conference:

October 24
10.00 a.m – 1.00 p.m.
Introduction and impulse
Parallel workshops
2.15 – 6.00 p.m.
Parallel workshops
7.30 p.m. - ....
Social and cultural evening

October 25
9.00 – 12.00 a.m.
Reflection and Impulse
Parallel workshops
1.00 – 4.00 p.m.
Parallel workshops
Next steps
Networking - Good bye

Program in detail (PDF)


During the conference clients of IMO share their stories. Here you get some tasters.

  • From Finland we will have All-rounders. Some second generation immigrants of Srilankan origin started in a logistic & service company. Their question is how to find the next step to the future.
  • From Switzerland we will have the head of a nursing station in a Swiss hospital. She will share her experiences with Horizontal Leadership in times of big turmoil and serious changes.
  • From Israel we will have the Ludan group. The share the story of the global engineering group “Ludan” and its IMO-LEAN continuous improvement journey. More information here.
  • Also from Israel we will have Noam Sharon, owner of a group of magazines (AdamOlam Magazine). He will share his question: Is it possible to have a dilemma between the vision of the business and the service to its customers? More information here.
  • From Russia we will have Yuriy Nikitin, owner of the Anix supermarket chain. He will tell about the transition process of his organization and the development of self steering teams.
  • From Holland we have Odin Estafette, a distribution company of biodynamic food. 
  • From Brasil we will have Sandra Marrafon. Sandra will share her encounter and cooperation with IMO, which led her to a path of deep development, which started with a Master Program. But this development goes further than her professional life - it also brings change in her personal life, family life and social life. Video: (first person in the video)
  • From Germany we will have Amin Moukaddam, Head of Operations of "Euro-Leasing GmbH“, the rental arm of Volkswagen Financial Services. together with Christian Lucke he would like to share experiences with the horizontal approach to leadership, talk about challenges in the execution and the impact it has on staff and colleagues. The second part of the workshop will focus on effective leadership in the next decade.
Booking & Registration

Step 1: registration for the conference

The costs of the conference are € 275. When you are going to join the conference send an e-mail to [email protected] and note your name, country, organization and profession. Mention your wish to attend the conference. You will receive an invoice from the IMO foundation to pay this fee. Your registration is completed as soon as your fee has been transferred and you will receive the confirmation and keep you informed.

In exceptional cases the fee can also be transferred in cash on arrival.

Step 2: booking the hotel if you stay overnight

The Conference Center reserved an amount of 30 rooms for staying overnight (including breakfast) for October 23 and 24. The price of these reserved rooms is € 66,50 per night. Book yourself by contacting:

Name: Landgoed Zonheuvel
Street: Amersfoortseweg 98

Postal code and City 3941 EP, Doorn
Tel.: +31 (0)343 473500
E-mail: [email protected]

Mention in your booking: IMO Conference 2019. You pay at the hotel.

Normal price of a 1 night room is about € 80. So book on time!

Travel Information

The conference venue is:
Amersfoortseweg 98
3941 EP Doorn, the Netherlands

T. +31 (0)343 473500
E: [email protected]
See map below.

When you arrive from Amsterdam Airport you can use public transport. From the airport you can take the train to railway staion Driebergen-Zeist. From here every 30 minutes a local train (direction Veenendaal) brings you to Maarn (location Raadhuislaan) and from here a bus (direction Doorn) brings you close to the conference (hotel Landgoed Zonheuvel, 500 meters).

A nice online tool for public travel: 

Dutch IMO Golf Tournament October 23, 2019

Timothy Apps from IMO Germany will organize an IMO Golf Tounament the day before the conference, Oktober 23. This takes place in Bunnik, about 15 km from the conference venue. This is a nice opportunity to meet people form the network and clients. It starts in the afternoon and closes of with diner together.


Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear IMO-friends of the cultivated game with the small white ball, on Wednesday, 23.10.2019 the first "IMO Open" will take place in Holland. We would be happy if you play!


The "IMO Open" will be played here:

It is a beautiful 9-hole course that we play twice and is located in the immediate vicinity of the venue of the "IMO International Network Conference 2019".


This will take place on the following two days, 24. and 25.10.2019. A separate invitation will follow. Our starting times are in the afternoon from approx. 2 o'clock, so that the journey is well in the morning possible.

After the tournament there will be a nice dinner with award ceremony.


More information will follow. You are welcome to pass on the invitation! Our goal is that we get three flights together.


With cordial greetings
Timothy Apps ([email protected])

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