Our Mission

IMO introduces horizontal leadership and horizontal organizing. We support people in organizations to do that. They take steps in their development and they take responsibility for the development of their organization out of a living impulse for freedom.  We support to change” 

That is because

People want to realize their impulse with each other and with their clients in common respect. They do this in the light of the whole and they do this in a space of freedom, out of a personal initiative and not impelled by a forcing concept.
As IMO colleagues we connect ourselves to the final responsible person of the client organization and work together with all those who have a personal need and are searching for the next development step of their organization.

Our approach

We work in a horizontal way with warmth, movement, creating sense. We share our love for our client and his organization, we take initiatives. Total commitment and mobilizing the will is our strength.
Through dialoguing with our client we arrive at insights together that can lead to meaningful developments.

Our starting point

We start from the development potential. We not only develop knowledge but we also participate fully in the development process of our client organization. We do this in various countries, bringing in a broad international network.

Our background

Our background can be characterized as follows: We have entrepreneurial experience, we are people oriented and include all interested parties, we are a group of various specialists who want to see the whole, we take time for reflection and personal development. Our observation is that the individual can develop himself when (s)he lives with a question.

The Mission of IMO is connected to the Bernard Lievegoed Impulse, a pioneer in the field of human and organization development.

A nice brochure of IMO is available.

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