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IMO – Masterclasses Basic Ideas and Steering Principles

The leading idea of the IMO-Masterclasses is to encourage people to become their own leader and to serve the community out of this position. We create a safe place for learning and development that supports a process of reflecting and transforming experiences into next steps. We create opportunities, where people can make an experience when they take over responsibility for themselves and others, so that they can arrive on an other level of leadership.

Steering principles


  • We are human beings with our own values, believes, views and personality, who want to serve the others through our leadership. As leaders we move from a leadership question and taking a standpoint through a dialogical process to the next step. It is not only about thinking but it is about leadership acting in the situation.
  • I serve the other person through my leadership. I listen to the other and bring myself in. Leadership opens a door to the future. It means to create horizontal spaces for sense giving and community building.
  • Authentic means a personal approach! „Master class is about me“. Development starts with development of yourself. It means, to enter a room as a person and not as a function. It starts with learn-experience how to lead first yourself. Encounter yourself and what effect you have on others.
  • We stay in the process, in our role and make the things happen.


  • We start with the client and allow him to be responsible for his own processes, working with the polarities in the soul, coming into close contact with the future. The client is the owner of the question and he / she remains the owner.
  • Let the clients make the step, challenging them, encouraging und confronting them. But don’t push them, it happens. Help the participants to integrate life in the work.


  • We create a learning process – a rhythmic, reflective, confrontational living space, where everybody moves and learns from experience and from each other and is in permanent dialogue with the reality.
  • We listen to the essence of a question, we enter into a dialogue with deep interest and full attention, we identify what will be the next step.
  • It is important, that participants document and reflect their learning-process


  • We share and develop the methodology of the evidential as common ground.
  • We create and lead the master-classes with IMO spirit and involve IMO-colleagues from other countries.


  • We nourish our intuition and allow it to be our guide and advisor in the process that we create with our clients.
  • Intuition is a meeting between two souls, it is valid without ‚rationality’.

Holambra, 4. April 2016

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