Monday/Tuesday 21/22 of March 2016 we started the new master class with eight participants. Four men, four women, four of them are managers and four consultants between the age of 26 and 66. We started with some of the core exercises of our IMO methodology. The participants had taken ten pictures at home showing characteristic situations on client work and being with colleagues and decision makers. It is amazing how transparent the steering question can be seen by others just sharing what is to be seen on these ten pictures.

The four consultants shared the exercise on a lemniscate, connecting four fields where they explored: 1. the question of their client related to 2. their own professional impulse, 3. the we/team around them and 4. their offer to the client.




Participants guide each other through these four fields and the others try to see the question that speaks out of the little stories this participant tell, going through the four fields. The four managers shared parallel their leadership vision. The participant presents his/her vision on leadership. The three others listen with the ear of content, feelings and will direction. And then the three share their experiences while the participant listens with his/her back to the group.
After creating the two intervision groups the participants left for home with new insights and concrete steps to do.

Group mc 032016Switzerland

On the Thursdays/Friday 24/25th of March we rounded of the two-year first consultant master. Each participant had written a thesis about the fruits and experiences during these two years. In a series of very impressive presentations each one shared the core fruits of this process. All of us reflected on each presentation and gave the colleague back what the talent and what the challenge for the future could be. It is amazing how these feedbacks create a complete picture that touches the colleague presenting very deep.

Hans and myself were deeply impressed about the steps the others had taken, the insights gained, the inspiring future perspective created. We realized this was a deepening step for us as IMO colleagues and a unique experience.

The participants surprised us on this Easter Friday with colorful eggs, a wooden hare and a bottle of champagne.


Adriaan Bekman



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